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Living Food Company is the producer of probiotic products in liquid form. We specialize in the production of probiotic drinks, drinks concentrates and probiotic supplements in a liquid form, containing a blend of live and active probiotic bacteria cultures. Excellent results are obtained thanks to the appropriate staff involvement as well as innovative, cascade method of specially selected, probiotic bacterial strains production and bioactive postbiotics.

Our products have been recognized by consumers and specialists in the field of dietetics and human nutrition for years. They are widely used and recommended in probiotic supplementation and health prevention as part of a daily, balanced diet.

So far, the company has implemented a dozen probiotic food products. Their production began with the assortment of milk-free concentrates and probiotic drinks JOY DAY. Our latest achievement is a range of functional products obtained as a bio-processes result, based on a blend of probiotic bacterial strains, alpha-ketoglutaric acid (the microbiological biosynthesis effect) and specially selected, fermented ecological plant ingredients.

About us

Living Food has been on the market since February 12, 2010. From the beginning of our activity, we make every effort to ensure that the ingredients used in production are of the highest quality and some of them have a bio certificate. After many consumer satisfaction surveys, the company decided to meet their expectations and produce only organic products. Intensive work on meeting all the necessary conditions led to the company obtaining the BIO Certificate in the autumn of 2012. In 2013, the company also commissioned tests at an authorized laboratory and received confirmation that probiotic concentrates and drinks are gluten-free.

After that time, the company continued to work at maximizing the offered products quality as well as developing and introducing new products to the market. Currently, the company’s offer is very wide and is constantly growing. The sales have more than 20 products dedicated to all groups of consumers: children and adolescents, adult women and men, seniors as well as athletes and people after antibiotic therapy.

Certificates and Awards

Research and development

The science development, modern analytical facilities, as well as cooperation with the best scientific institutions in Poland has given us the opportunity to develop and continuously improve our product offer. Presently, research and development as well as implementation works are still being carried out, thanks to which we learn more and more about the positive effect of our products on the human organism.

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Project UE

BENEFICIARY: Company LIVING FOOD Sp. z o.o., 66-320 Trzciel, ul. Graniczna 15 implements the project entitled: “Development of new functional products produced on the basis of a consortium of probiotic strains, alpha-ketoglutaric acid and vitamin and mineral complex” according to the agreement on co-financing of the project no. POIR.01.01.01-00-0685/17-00

Project co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund
as part of Measure 1.1 of the Intelligent Development Operational Program 2014-2020

Project co-financing from the EU: 760 056,68 PLN


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